Fluffy Greetings! 

Welcome to Walnut Creek Samoyeds. We are premier AKC Samoyed Breeders who treat you and your future pup like family. If you looking for a fluffy addition to your family then you came to the right place.  Read below to find out more about us and our smiley friends.

Meet Our Fluffy Family

Meet Violet and her first litter of puppies. You can find all about them and their personalities below.

  • Violet
The Mom

Hi, My name is Violet

I'm a country girl who loves to run and play and give big fluffy hugs. I come from a long line of purebred champion Samoyeds, and my doctor says that my hips, eyes, and heart are all excellent (a health score received by less than 11% of Samoyeds), so yeah, I'm pretty cool.

My days are filled with important tasks like inspecting every corner of our 55-acre home (you never know where a rogue squirrel might be hiding), and perfecting my "puppy eyes" technique to score extra treats. 


Welcome to Samoyed Creek Samoyeds, nestled in the heart of Central Pennsylvania!

Since 2021, our family has cherished breeding and nurturing puppies. We are committed to responsibly breeding puppies that will bring immense happiness and joy to their forever homes. Our aim is to connect with families who will cherish our puppies and offer them loving, lifelong homes. We prioritize the health and well-being of our dogs, ensuring they are CHIC/health certified for a healthy lineage now and for generations to come.

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